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Thanks to our expertise, we are able to guarantee you the highest standards at a reasonable price. Research, innovation and attention to details are fundamental for us. Our experience in the creation of custom patches allows us to guarantee short production times and shipping throughout Europe.

Customize with us your logo or the emblem of your association.Mr. Patch gives you the opportunity to get a free digital sample.

Find out how it works! Buying embroidered patches is safe, convenient and easy. Create your patch, add it to your cart and enter your details. Once the order is paid, you can authorize the production of your personalized patch that will be delivered to you within a few days.

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Whether for uniforms, backpacks, T-shirts, beanies and much more! Patches are the perfect way to personalize your clothing or accessories!

Choose between our wide range of options and find the right patch for your club, your event or for yourself!

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