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Ironing Instructions for Patches



- Iron
- Thin cloth or baking paper
- Solid, heat-resistant surface (e.g., ironing board)
- Water (for steam iron, if necessary)

1. Preheat the iron: Set your iron to the highest setting safe for the fabric of your garment. The steam function should be off to ensure dry heat.
2. Prepare the surface: Lay your garment flat on the ironing board or another solid, heat-resistant surface.


1. Positioning:
Place the patch on the desired area of the garment. Make sure it's exactly where you want to affix it.

2. Protective layer:
Place a thin cloth or baking paper directly over the patch. This prevents direct contact between the hot iron and the patch, protecting both the patch and the garment from overheating and shine marks.

3. Ironing:
Press the iron firmly onto the patch and protective cloth. Apply medium to strong pressure for about 15-30 seconds. Do not move the iron back and forth as this could shift the patch.

4. Secure edges and corners:
Lift the iron and place it on other areas of the patch, especially edges and corners, to ensure the entire patch is heated and affixed evenly.

5. Let cool:
Carefully lift the cloth to check if the patch is securely attached. Let the patch and garment cool completely before moving them. This helps ensure a lasting bond.

Additional Tips

Iron from the backside:
For an extra strong fixation, you can turn the garment inside out and iron the patch from the backside, again with the protective cloth between the iron and fabric.

Washing instructions:
Wait at least 24 hours before washing the garment to allow the adhesive to cure. Wash and iron the garment inside out to protect the patch.

If possible, conduct an ironing test on a similar fabric before applying the patch to the final garment, to determine the best temperature and time settings.

With these instructions, you can safely and effectively iron your patches onto almost any type of fabric.