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Embroidered Patches from MrPatch

Embroidered patches and badges are the classic among appliqués, not only because they are washable and durable. In other words, they are resistant and long-lasting. They look new for a long time and are yet easy to care for. Moreover, texts, names, and logos are well highlighted, as the embroidery makes the logo look high-quality and stylish. With their 3D-like effect, embroidered patches appear more illustrative and vivid compared to other types of patches.

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Highest Quality and Craftsmanship

The embroidered patches from Mr. Patch are exclusively made with quality yarns on a sturdy base fabric and are always characterized by their excellent craftsmanship. Moreover, they are protected from fraying with a merrowed border or laser-cut edge. A wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes is also available for the creation of your embroidered patches. An embroidered patch or badge is not coincidentally a popular gadget for companies, associations, clubs, and institutions. Mr. Patch's embroidered patches can be easily applied to bags or backpacks.



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Why are Mr. Patch's embroidered patches so durable? It's simple: the motif, logo, or lettering is embroidered onto an extremely durable base fabric like felt using tear-resistant quality yarns that do not fade when washed. At Mr. Patch, you can order your embroidered patches in small quantities as well.